Make your party special!

Cigars are a great way to make a unique and memorable impression on your guests. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, fundraiser, golf tournament, holiday party, or a charity gala, there’s never a wrong occasion to invite your guests to join you in a cigar. You’ll be surprised which of your guests you’ll see smoking with us!

At Perfect Ash, we offer specials on full box purchases, which make it more affordable for you to surprise your guests. We adapt to your needs and can cater to any number of guests and on any budget. Perfect Ash will help you select the optimal number and type of cigars for your event, and at your option, provide you with a knowledgable Cigar Host to answer any questions your guests may have about the cigars we provide. He or she will also manage the distribution of the cigars and will cut and light the cigars for your guests. If some of your guests are new to cigars, the Cigar Host will also give some “Cigar 101” information and show them how to light up, cut, and smoke. 

If you’re interested in incorporating a cigar bar into your celebration, please contact us to discuss your specific needs for the ultimate cigar experience. One of our tobacconists will be happy to discuss your event in detail to ensure you and your guest stay within budget and have a great experience.

“It is not about the cigar. It’s about the experience”.