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Classic Pipe Tobaccos

Old Number 1 is a blend of Black Cavendish and Golden Virginia tobaccos, which provides an exceptionally smooth flavor and a great aroma. It is perfect tobacco for both the new and the experienced pipe smoker.

Black Velvet is steamed and fire-cured Black Cavendish tobacco. Slow-burning for an all-day smoke with a rich pleasant aroma.

Cherry Hill is a blend of black Cavendish and smooth Burleys with, as the name suggests, a cherry flavor and aroma.

BLWB is an all Burley tobacco that produces a mellow all-day smoke without a bite.

Captains Mate is a combination of golden Virginias, nutty Burleys and Black Cavendish in a slightly rougher cut for a slower burning blend. The slight vanilla taste and aroma are delightful.

Classic Balkan is a full-bodied slow-burning Latakia blend for those who enjoy the English blends.

Balkan Supreme is a light Latakia blend with excellent balance. Smooth and clean burning. An excellent choice for both someone new to the English blends and the experienced smoker.

Dunn’s Number 6 is a Perfect Ash Exclusive. It is an aromatic mixture of Golden Virginias and Black Cavendish tobaccos that produces a smooth, slightly sweet taste with vanilla undertones and a pleasant aroma.

Royal American is a Perfect Ash Exclusive. This light aromatic mixture of Black Cavendish and two different Virginias offers subtle sweetness balanced with the rich aromatic taste and aroma of Black Cavendish.

Peter Stokkebye Luxury Navy Flake layers sweet Virginias with a little Perique, pressed into a block and sliced. Rum is used during curing, resulting in this rich flavorful classic Navy Flake.

Swing Bridge mixes Burleys and aromatic Black Cavendish. A rougher cut ensures a slower burning mix that packs easily and stays lite.

Buchanan is mostly ribbon-cut golden Cavendish blended with a little aromatic Black Cavendish to provide a subtle sweet taste on the tongue and a great aroma.

Arabian is a Latakia blend with the traditional ribbon cut tobaccos replaced win cube cut Virginias and Burleys. An easy packing, slow-burning tobacco for those who enjoy Latakia.

Baklava is an exquisite McClelland aromatic! Unfortunately, it has been discontinued. Out of Stock.